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    The Comics

    Act One:
    Comedy that Makes You Think

    Hilarious women perform comedy based on the topic of that month’s show.

    The topic will be based on the organization featured in Act Two.

    Who We’ve Helped

    Act Two:
    Saving the Starfish*

    We tell the stories of ordinary women doing extraordinary things, or perhaps more precisely, stories of ordinary women doing ordinary things that have an extraordinary impact. This segment will feature a woman using the skills and resources immediately available to her to help other women and girls all over the world. The focus of her work establishes the theme of that month’s show.

    * Read the Starfish story here.

    The Game is Rigged

    Act Three:
    The Game is Rigged

    A celebrity contestant plays a word game, trivia game, or a game of wits. Through a manipulated points system, we will ensure that the contestant loses.  Before we begin, we will ask him to wager a minimum of $50 based on his confidence in the topic. The amount he wagers (and loses) will go to the organization featured in that week’s show, thereby helping to un-rig the game for the people that organization serves.


    In the live show, we follow the game with the guest with a chance for the audience to answer questions, make wagers and “lose” money to the same organization. There will also be an opportunity for audience members to mingle with all of our guests in the lobby after the show.

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