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Broadly Speaking Episode 1 – The Game is Rigged (Jef Cannata)

Broadly Speaking Ep. 3 – Gary Anthony Williams

Broadly Speaking Episode 2 – Maz Jobrani plays The Game is Rigged

Broadly Speaking – Highlights from May 17

A radio show in three small parts that tackle one big idea.

We are living in a time where world affairs often leave people feeling overwhelmed, angry and helpless, and their response is to tune out or shut down. Our goal is to reconnect people to the world through humor and storytelling, to not only raise awareness of important issues while making them laugh, but also to inspire them to take action.


Featuring comedy of substance performed in front of a live audience, with a special emphasis on emerging female voices.

We will be commissioning women to write comedy based on the topic of that week’s show. The topic will be based on the organization featured in Act Two.

The Cause

Stories of ordinary women doing extraordinary things, or perhaps more precisely, stories of ordinary women doing ordinary things that have an extraordinary impact. This segment will feature a woman using the skills and resources immediately available to her to make a difference in the world, with the emphasis being how each of us has it within us to do something, even something small, that can mean something very big.

The focus of the organization featured establishes the theme of that week’s show.

The Game is Rigged

For women unlucky enough to be born poor and female in the wrong country, it can seem like the game is rigged – because it is. As Nicholas Kristof, co-author of “Half the Sky” notes, “Talent is not limited, but opportunity is.” Our goal with this segment is to change the game for those women who refuse to play by the rules.

Act Three involves inviting a guest onto the show to play a word game, trivia game, or a game of wits. Most of the game will be normal questions that listeners can play along with. However, at least one question will be impossible to answer, and through a manipulated points system, we will ensure that the guest loses. However, before we begin, we will ask the guest to wager a minimum of $50 based on his confidence in the topic. (He will know that he is going to lose, and that the money will go to the charity featured in that week’s show.)